Leaving Your Parents Clueless Mission Statement

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1. What is the title of your future memoir and why? (Remember don’t include your name!) - The title of my future memoir would be “First Generation American Rebel: How to Leave Your Parents Clueless.” As mentioned before, my parents are both foreign, but so are my two older sisters. They moved from Egypt to America in 1997. I was born in 1998, so I was the first generation American who happened to rebel. My rebellions consisted of doing and saying things I shouldn’t, watching shows I knew weren’t made for kids, translating phrases into ways that benefitted me, and much more. The best part is that if someone was to ask my parents to describe me they would share nothing but positive qualities and memories because they’re still quite clueless. 2. What is at the top of your bucket list? - One thing at the top of my bucket list is traveling to every continent. Unfortunately, traveling isn’t something my family does, the only place we travel to is Egypt and then right back to Virginia. That is why as soon as I’m financially able to, then I will begin traveling to each continent. Hopefully, before I die, I will have traveled to all seven. 1. The SafeRides Mission Statement (found here) means something different to every member. What does it mean to you? -…show more content…
SafeRides has more than one purpose, it isn’t only here to drive intoxicated students and/or students who are rendered incapable of transportation. They also spread awareness and educate the community about drunk driving through events and fundraisers. Lastly, the Mission Statement also provides me with a sense of community. We are not only here to protect, provide, and educate our fellow JMU students, we are here for the whole Harrisonburg community. Everyone deserves to be cared for and SafeRides makes that clear throughout their Mission
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