Lebensraum: The Hitler Youth

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Lebensraum: The Hitler Youth, The League of German Girls, and more Photographer and author A.E. Samaan once said: “There was nothing conservative about Adolf Hitler. Hitler was an artist and a revolutionary at heart. He wanted to completely upend and remake German society.” Such words expertly capture Hitler’s essence. Not only did he want to redesign German life under his own vision, but he was prepared to create an empire that would reign for a thousand years. For years leading up to the invasion of Poland, Hitler meticulously planned and manipulated the German people. Knowing that the sooner indoctrination started, the faster and stronger loyalties would lie to the National Socialist party, he commissioned the creation of the Hitler Youth…show more content…
Posters seduced boys with glorified pictures of war and heroism. However, once boys joined, many actually liked it. It took away focus from school and books, and, instead, focused on hands-on activities like camping in the wilderness. A true sense of brotherhood formed amongst them. Many boys raved about the way the Hitler Youth eliminated class distinctions. Wearing uniforms, everyone felt the same. In a society where economic disparity was vast, it was alleviating for them to be able to leave those differences behind. They starved for escapism; for once, they were all…show more content…
He wanted an Aryan race, a country of blonde and blue-eyed children. This is where The League of German Girls came in. The League of German Girls was the female counterpart of the Hitler Youth. Its goals contrasted completely. Rather than camp or march, girls were taught how to be a housewife. They were indoctrinated with Nazi ideals about Aryan purity and motherhood. It was ingrained that their main purpose in the Third Reich was to reproduce. Once Hitler terminated all other female youth groups, membership in the League of German GIrls rose to tens of thousands of girls. Due to the same law in 1939 that certified the Hitler Youth as compulsory, the same decree was enforced for The League of German
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