Personnel Management Contingency Plan

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1.0. Purpose
This contingency plan for our newly implemented system establishes procedures to recover the personnel management system following any potential disruptions.
1.1. Policy
This contingency plan complies with Leblanc Automotive contingency planning policy as follows:
The organisation shall develop a contingency planning capability to meet the needs of critical supporting operations in the event of a disruption within 72 hours
1.2. Assumptions
Based on these principles, the following assumptions were employed when developing this plan:
• Personnel have been identified and trained in their emergency response and recovery roles.
1.3. Record of Changes
Modifications made to this plan since the last printing are as follows:
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If a flood warning occurs, procedures in document 1234 is to be followed.
3. Once, all the procedures in document 1234 have been followed, the management team is to follow those procedures.
4. Record the time that each staff are leaving the workplace. Keep a note of any overtime. Refer to policy on overtime if required which is available on the common drive or in the filing cabinet.
5. Contact the HR department at our head office and inform them of the current situation. Provide them all the hours recorded so that the hours recorded can be inputted manually from their end.
6. As stated in document 1234, the procedures are to ensure all the vehicles are relocated first and then any important documents and hardware are to be relocated. If the fingerprint machine and other hardware were connected to it were relocated accordingly, please ignore the next steps. If not, please follow the following procedures.
7. Ensure that it is still safe to remain at the dealership at this stage by contacting NT police. If it is, please follow the following procedures. If it’s not, ensure to leave the area as soon as possible and follow these procedures at a later date when safety is
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The business manager is to contact the supplier for a replacement to be provided once the dealership is ready to operate again and to inform to send the required hardware when informed.
9. The business manager is to contact the insurance company and inform of the current situation and lodge a claim accordingly (this is part of document 1234 as well for any other equipment in the dealership)
10. If any staff is still in the dealership at this stage, please follow directions from NT police and leave accordingly.
11. Once a ‘back to work’ date is confirmed, the business manager is to contact our supplier and ensure the new equipment are shipped. The insurance company is to be informed of that as well.
12. When the equipment arrives, the IT department is to ensure the equipment are connected accordingly. Contact the support team of the supplier if there are any

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