Lebron James Argumentative Essay

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First things first, we are not talking about the NBA Finals. Face it, nobody is perfect.
But, in the Eastern Conference there is only one dominant force.
Love him or hate him, LeBron James is the King of the East.
When it comes to the playoffs he is the consistent force. The constant you can depend on to always be there in the end. What player in the last 3 or 4 decades has continuously reached Finals appearance after Finals appearance?
Not Magic. Not Bird. Not Wilt. Not Kareem. Not Jordan. Not Shaq. Not Kobe. Only LeBron.
As many haters and doubters of LeBron James have stated before, ‘he can’t win when it counts’ or ‘he chokes in the Finals’ or ‘he tainted his championships by forming the big 3’, you have to give credit where credit is due.
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Since 2006, he has not missed the playoffs. Whether they were the teams with the best players around him or the worst players around him, King James will always find a way to get to the postseason. He has ruled the east, the odds on favorite in many matchups in recent years. Let us look at 2016, his Cavs have swept the east up until the ECF matchup against the Raptors, where they are up 3-2, the wins have been a shellacking and losses, close to the last few minutes. 2015, he carried a hobbled Cavs all the way to the NBA Finals and no team in the east even posed a threat on the way. 2014, looking to 3 peat, LeBron and the Heat had little to no competition cruising through the east. In fact, LeBron James teams have swept at least one opponent in the playoffs dating back to 2013. Four years in a row, a professional basketball team in the NBA has not been able to win one game in a best of seven series against a LeBron James team. Also, since 2007 and years 2008-2012, any winning series that he has been apart those teams either sweep or win 4-1. It is safe to say, LeBron has owned and may continue to own the Eastern Conference Playoffs for the foreseeable
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