Lebron James Persuasive Essay

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Why Lebron James will remain a celebrated player Just like any other famous person story, he is not excluded from having a similar story. His inspiriting story started when he skipping his lessons in his high school so that he may attend basketball. He has played for different clubs, currently he is playing for NBA Finals. Despite his experience, his legacy of winning is slowly fading away. What has Lebron James accomplished? The current season he has only earned two titles for his club. It is a disappointing experience from the honored greatest player in the world. Moreover, losing in these years NBA finals has really haunted him as he expresses his concerns that he is unable to move on after their loss. In a bleacher radio interview he said that he thinks he will never get out of it, despite…show more content…
He has worked hard and made sure his team wins most games hence it made him the dominant and successful player in the basketball world. Furthermore, he has been able to signs significant and endorsing deals which have made him to earn around $1 billion US Dollars. Additionally having known companies supporting him, he has investing in various businesses. His success has amicably changed his life as he owns great cars, he has several pristine houses and moreover, his enviable wardrobe speaks the rest. Furthermore he is able to create time for his admirable family which is surprisingly a normal family despite his celebrity nature. This is incredible of him. Which deals has Lebron James sealed? Earlier this month on December 8th, he made a rewarding deal with Nike Company. It is a lifetime deal for him; moreover, it has seen him break Nike sponsorship record. It is known that Nike has never made a great deal for a longtime with single athletes but here he is with a profitable deal from them. In addition, The Company was glad and ready to agree to his terms as it will boost their business and its
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