Leche And The Milky Way Summary

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Leche and the Milky Way
In town called Animabilis, in a house the shape of a milk carton lived a black cat. This cat had milky white paws, and a milky white face and his name was Leche. One could guess and it would be quite true that Leche loved milked. Leche loved milk so much he had a collection of milk related artifacts, from all over the world. One night Leche was taking a midnight stroll. On his stroll he ran into the "Animabilis Stello Astronomy" club. As Leche walked by his ears perked up as heard the words: Milky Way.

Leche looked up into the sky where his neighbor, Sus a Red River Hog was pointing. Leche than saw the most beautiful sight. A river a what looked like milk dancing in the sky. Leche knew from that moment he was going to be the first cat to drink from the Milky Way.

Leche rushed home to pack his supplies. Leche than went across the street to see if his best friend a Peninsular Red lizard named Lacer wanted to join him. Lacer and Leche and been
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Collis. Once on top of the mountain the two boys understood mat Clava meant, they did feel like they were in the stars. Leche tried reaching for the stars, he jumped as high as he could he still wasn’t able to taste the Milky Way. Lacer had an idea. What if they climb the tallest tree! They would be able to taste from the Milky Way than. The boys searched and searched for a good tree to climb. They searched until they found a tree that was so high that they just knew they would be able to touch the stars. They climb and climb and climbed until they were at the tippy top of the tree. Leche wiggled his whiskers and stuck out his tongue. Nothing but a clod breeze hit tongue. Disappointed Leche and Lacer headed back down the tree. They made it half way down when they had to stop the branch that helped them get to the top had snapped. Leche and his friend were stuck in the middle of the tallest tree on top of
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