Led Signs Case Study

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Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a LED Sign 1. Where are the LED Signs made? This is a very important question because most people will buy their digital signage and not know where it comes from. It comes as a surprise to some people when they receive their signs and it is not what they expected. It is very important to have a LED Sign made in the United States with quality parts that you can trust. Even when you are tempted with a low price LED Sign and think you found a deal, check the fine print because you are most likely looking at a sign built in China. Digital signs made in other countries use cheaper materials to build the signs which leads to a shorter LED life and many technical problems especially in outdoor elements. Some of these problems include lights going out, power outages and water damages when it rains. TV Liquidator proudly makes their signs in the United States and have been providing business owners with reliable, well-built signs that are made to last. Signs built in the…show more content…
Customer service can be one of the most important things a company can offer in any business. When buying a product, you want to be able to ask someone how to set it up, how to use the product and how to service it. But what if there was no one there to answer your questions? This is a real and frustrating situation for many people who buy LED Signs. For instance, someone will buy a LED Sign from Amazon or Ebay and will not know how to set up and use their sign. Neither Amazon nor Ebay will know how to help this customer and with no help or customer service, this customer is confused and is at a loss. You want a company that answers the phone and is ready with any questions you have and that is exactly what TV Liquidator does. TV Liquidator offers customer service, programming assistance and free technical support. You want to make sure your LED Sign company accommodates your needs and helps you in every way to help you with your sign to make your business
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