Led Zeppelin Informative Speech Outline

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“Led Zeppelin the band that changed it all”
Topic: The history and disbandment of Led Zeppelin
Organization: Chronologically
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the success and influences led zeppelin has had on music.

A. Attention getter: Five diamond albums, 14 multi-platinum, 5 albums among the rolling stones top 500 greatest albums of all time. Can you name the band. No it is not nickelback. It is led zeppelin of course.
B. Relevance: Led Zepplin has produced songs that include “Stairway to Heaven” and my personal favorite “when the levee breaks”. Led Zeppelin was as influential during the 70s as the Beatles were in the prior decade.
C. Credibility statement: I have been a huge fan of music and classic rock
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A. Point #1: Consisting of members John Bonham on drums, John Paul Jones on Bass, Jimmy Page on guitar and Robert plant as the vocalist formed the band we know today as Led Zeppelin
1. According to Rolling Stone (2001) The Zeppelin era officially began in the summer of 1968 when the Yardbirds fell apart. Jimmy Page was left rights to the groups name and him and Robert Plant were on a search to find themselves a drummer and a bassist. After hearing that a man by the name of John Paul Jones had been doing some session work for the Rolling stones and various respected artists, Page and Plant got him aboard. Giving many auditions for a drummer they finally decided to bring John Bonham a 20 year old prodigy who had previously a part of the group, Band of Joy
2. The group was influenced by various kinds of music stretched across many genres including rock and roll,psychedelic rock and dominantly blues. During this era they were even categorized as heavy metal, how times and opinions have changed. Zeppelin would later influence bands like Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath and even Foo fighters. So with out Zeppelin everyone here going to ACL this year may have been seeing a different
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According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website ( N/A) in 1975 a car crash on a greek island almot cost Plant his leg and sidelined him for two years. Then in 1977 Plants six year old son died of a viral infection. Due to these recent occurances the group seemed to lose some momentum and only put out two more albums before the ultimate catastrophe occured
2. On September 25th 1980 rock and roll would never be the same, John Bonham had died through inhaling vomit in his sleep. Legend has it he drank 40 shots of vodka the day prior starting at noon. He would take a quadruple of vodka and eat a ham roll consecutively. Much more hardcore than slapping a bag or shotgunning a keystone on the san marcos river. After losing the catalyst of the group Jones,Page,Plant released a cryptic statement that led zeppelin could not go any further and disbandment was inevitable.
3. The remaining three members eventually pursued solo careers releasing succesfull albums but it would never live up to the intensity and finesse sound created with Bonham. In 2007 Zeppelin reunited for a tribute concert in memory of the late founder of Atlantic Records with Jason Bonham, the son of John, on
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