Ledbetter V. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co

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When it comes to making claims it is hard unless there is enough information that can prove that the complainant was actually discriminated against because they were a man or woman. Mary can bring a claim for gender discrimination against her company because she has determined that because she is a woman that she makes thousands of dollars less than her male counterparts. There has been no reason given to why Mary makes that much less than her male counterparts. The issue with this scenario is that we don’t know if the organization that Mary works for uses the seniority, merit, or other pay systems. Most of the male counterparts could have received merit pay based off of their performance and evaluations throughout the last five years. We don’t…show more content…
Goodyear Tire &Rubber Co. the statute of limitations would apply to this situation. The Title VII imposes a statute of limitation period which is 1800 days, after which employees may file claims of illegal discrimination against employers (Martocchio, 2013). Mary’s claim would not be substantiated because she made the claim within the 180 day statutory period. The claim would have had to be made within 180 days before she started the claim process. Mary has no claims that she had been evaluated unfairly because she was a woman and her pay had never been an issue until she found out that the men were getting more money than she was receiving. She has not stated any reason as to why the men are getting paid more than her. If they are all working in the same types of position then they should be receiving equal pay unless there organization is actually working off of the merit pay system. If they are working off of another pay system such as the seniority pay system then Mary should be making more than the males because she has been there five or more years longer than they have. These pay systems were not mentioned in the scenario so there is no way to actually prove that the men are getting paid more for these reasons. The courts would reject her claim based off of her not filing the claim within the statutory time
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