Lord Of The Flies Chapter Summary Chapter 14

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Chapter nine commences by telling its readers about how Lee Harding was diagnosed with E coli 0157:H7. After eating some tacos at a Mexican restaurant, he started to have excruciating stomach pains and diarrhea. Harding’s stomach was hurting because of some frozen hamburgers he ate a couple of days ago. Those same hamburgers provided by Hudson Foods were infected with E. coli 0157:H7. Millions of those same frozen hamburgers had already been sold and most likely eaten.

The middle of the chapter begins to go more in depth about the deadly germs living within the meat that most people consume on a daily basis. According to the book, foodborne illnesses are now more easily transmitted due to, feedlots, sanitation issues in slaughterhouses, and meat grinders. Although there is mass distribution of meat that may possibly be infected with dangerous bacteria, the government has no political influence on whether or not the meat will be recalled or not. Recalling meat is all up to the company and they most likely won’t recall their meat unless it is a very serious
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USDA has repeatedly purchased meat from companies that have been involved in major bacterial outbreaks. A handful of children have been sickened because of this. To make matters even worse, the USDA buys the cheapest meat it can get, leaving the meat highly susceptible to having harmful diseases and pieces of bones. Even fast-food restaurants have higher meat standards than the National School Lunch Program ((NSLP)USDA provides the meat for the NSLP). Lastly, chapter nine notifies people that kitchen sinks aren’t as clean as they may think. According to a study by the university of Arizona, a toilet seat is at times cleaner than a kitchen sink. It also educates its readers to beware of tampered food from fast-food restaurants, hence the stories told at the very end of the
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