Lee Kuan Yew Case Study

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Background, Discussions And Conclusion Mr Lee Kuan Yew was born into a wealthy Chinese family on 16 September 1923, which that had resided in Singapore since the 19th century. Lee was the eldest child of Mr Lee Chin Koon and Madam Chua Jim Neo. The family included three brothers, Dennis and Freddy Lee, Lee Suan Yew, and a sister, Monica. Lee studied in the top school in Singapore and went on to Raffles Institution, which accepted only the top ten boys from each English-language primary school, but World War II interrupted his progress. After the war, he went to London School of Economics briefly for his university education and obtained his Law degree at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge, UK. Soon in 1950, Lee was admitted to the English bar. Lee had chosen to return to Singapore for practicing his law instead of staying in UK. Lee showed his self-leadership. He grown up under first British and then Japanese rules, he could have been conditioned to think of himself as inferior, but after the war he graduated with a double starred-first-class honors in law. Upon his return in 1950, Lee and his wife – Madam Kwa Geok Choo, the love of his life and the woman he once described as smarter than himself, set up the law firm of Lee & Lee. However, his law career was short-lived. He then turned his gaze towards politics after a few years. A leader must be competent. Lee’s legal training, coupled with his ability as a multi-lingual orator, gave him the ability to reach the widest
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