Lee Mccauley Parks's Act Of Civil Disobedience: Rosa Parks

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Rosa Lee McCauley Parks also known as Rosa parks best known for her act of civil disobedience. Rosa parks was born on February 4, 1913. Parks was a black women known for her courage, inspiring, and outstanding resistant to give up her seat and stand up for herself. Rosa parks was a positive powerful influencer for taking a stand and fight back for her equality rights. Parks later on became more and more powerful and smart to covert her fame of her resistant, to inspire many people like her to stand for themselves. Rosa parks was best well known for her act of disobedience to when refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Parks became tremendously famous for her refusal making her a symbol of American civil rights and the mother of movement. At this time period it wasn’t appropriate for an African American person to refuse or stand upon a white person’s orders. At an early age Rosa Parks began to experience with racial discrimination and activism for racial equality…show more content…
As white people went in taking seats in the bus, the bus driver told Parks and three other blacks to make some space because white people were going to sit. As the other three black people moved Parks resisted into moving somewhere else in the bus. When rosa resisted the bus driver immediately called assistance from the police to get rosa out of the bus as she refused to. After the police came and arrested rosa for not obeying the rules of the bus she was then immediately taken to the city of hall where she was charged of violating segregations laws and convicted of this volation (hankering.com). After a couple of hours passed E.D. Nixon became aware of what had happen with Rosa Park’s arrest he determined that rosa parks was the perfect person to serve as the poster child to the bus boycott. With the permission of rosa E.D. Nixon and Jo Ann Robinson started the necessary steps to start the
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