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Legacy Hospices missions statement is to affirm life and focus on the quality of life. Legacy Hospices consist of twenty-one offices located in seven states, including Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. Legacy Hospices provides care for people who are in their last stages of life. Hospices allow nurses, doctors, spiritual leaders, and rehab teams to stay and work with the patient so the family members can carry out their everyday lives. Hospices job is not to postpone deaths, but to prepare the family in every way possible for that time. I got the chance to work shadow at the office in Livingston. Unlike the other twenty-one offices Legacy in Livingston, does not preform the hospices duties. They are over billing, records, payrolls, checks, and much more for all twenty-one offices. I have learned many tips to carry with me throughout my journey as an accountant.
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If an invoice comes in regarding something that is not required for the patient to have a special approach is taken to state, why they will not be covering this bill then they return it to that office. This job requires a lot of organization. Once an invoice comes in they do not automatically pay them, therefore the stack of invoices becomes big toward the end of the month. I also sat with a lady named Nelda, that covers all the financial statements except the bank reconciliation. I was able to see the format that is used to get all of these reports ready for the end of the month. After each month, the manager and two other people that do not deal with the financial statements meet and look other each office. They look at their expenses, number of patients, and revenue. Once they look over them they decide if changes need to be made and if so how they will make the changes. I also learned about the ethics of their company and approaches they take to prevent possible

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