Legal Alien Analysis

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How does culture have a big impact in human lives and societies? In Pat Mora’s poem ‘Legal Alien’ it describes how she feels alien to both her cultures being Mexican and American. In Frida Kahlo’s painting ‘On The Borderline Between Mexico And The United States’ it is showing how Frida doesn’t feel any American Cultural influence to her as of Mexico depicts culture and spirit freely in the art. But both Pat and Frida are torn from two worlds that largely depict their life. This essay is going to depict the differences and similarities in the art and the poem that depict different lives. Using Tone the speaker uses , the mood that helps show how the speaker feels towards the situation , and juxtaposition with isolation.
In Frida’s art Piece it shows how she’s torn between Mexico and the United States. Frida is in the US with the love of her life but she wants to go back to Mexico, the root of her culture. In Pat Mora’s poem it shows how she has both cultures because she is from those two. It tells how she uses them both in her everyday life. ‘Drafting memos in smooth
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She is torn between the love of her life and the life she left behind in Mexico. In Pat’s poem it shows her discomfort and wanting to fit in with both cultures that she has grown accustomed to, she doesn’t want to feel neglected she wants to be able to fit into both like a puzzle piece. In Frida’s art it depicts her standing in between holding the Mexican flag, which shows her love and culture that is Mexico. In Pat’s poem it states that ‘Between the fringes of both worlds,by smiling and masking the discomfort’ which makes her mood oppressed and hidden behind her ‘not fitting in’ . The illustration and the poem both depict how the women feel towards the cultures of two. One wanting the one they are and one not fitting the ones she got
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