Legal Case Study: Evita's Case

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I believe it is imperative for Evita to raise suspicion about the cause of Eric’s death as well as the parental competence, Evita needs to make sure that these parents have the ability to raise their children. As a social worker it is Evita’s responsibility to be completely honest about any information she knows in order to ensure that the family is safe as a whole. I believe that Evita needs to raise suspicion to ensure the other two children within the family are safe and the parents are competent to be raising their children. If the Father Bill is in reality babysitting the children drunk, this could have been a major factor as to why the Father didn’t wake up when he rolled on top of Eric. It is obligatory that Envita ensures that the living situation is safe so no…show more content…
As a social worker it is Evita’s responsibility to always practice honesty and to not be associated with any dishonesty. It is also Envita’s responsibility to ensure that parents are doing their jobs and the children are safe within their current situation. Even if Evita may assume that reporting this information to the physician will do little good, it is still what is right especially when referring back to the Social work code of ethics. Evita has agreed to act in a certain professional standard as a social worker and she is not following these standards if she chooses to not be honest about the information regarding this situation. If Evita in fact recognizes that Eric has died from a different cause then SIDS, it is wrong for Evita to not go ahead and report this knowledge to the physician. It is unprofessional for Evita to allow the parents to disclose such critical information to her and then have them witness her essentially covering for them to the physician. As a social worker I feel you face many difficult situations where you may feel bad about making your client’s situation worse, but you always need to stay professional and be able to maintain your agreement to the code of
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