Legal Case Study: Juanita V.

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On Sunday 04/16/17 at 2103 hours I was dispatched to a suspicious circumstance report by phone. Dispatch advised the reporting person, Juanita Terry was calling from the Seasons on Lea Hill apartments #F-101 located at 12722 SE 312th ST in the City of Auburn, King Co, WA, and stated children at the location relayed to her sometime today a male she has a court order with on the apartment complex asking about her (Juanita), and telling the children Juanita owed him money. I contacted Juanita by phone, and she told me a neighbor, Shanija Palmer, had just told her she saw and spoke to Justin Watkins, who is Juanita 's ex-boyfriend, at about 2020 hours. Juanita said Shanija told her Justin had left the property in a black SUV. Juanita stated she has a…show more content…
Shanija said a male, she did not immediately recognize, exited the vehicle and approached her. Shanija said the male asked her if she knew Juanita, pointed toward Juanita 's apartment, and stated he was her ex-boyfriend. Shanija said one the male was closer and stated he was Juanita 's ex-boyfriend, she recognized him to be Justin. Shanija said Justin told her Juanita owed him $5000 and asked her to tell Juanita for him. Shanija said Justin got back into the vehicle and began driving away. Shanija said as the vehicle was driving away, Justin rolled the window down and told her he only needed half the money, then continued driving away. Shanija said she did not know what make or model the SUV was and she did not see the license plate. Shanija stated a dark skinned female, who she did not recognize, was sitting in the passenger seat. I obtained video statements from both Juanita and Shanija. I later copied the statements to the V:drive. I confirmed the order via dispatch. I later obtained a copy of the Order via fax, and included it in the case jacket. Because Justin came within 500 feet of Juanita 's residence, and was attempting to contact her through another person, there is probable cause to
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