Legal Driving Age Should Be Changed

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There are numerous amounts of laws in the United States that state vital information about the rules and regulations citizens of the United States must obey. One law in particular has prompted disagreement in both adults and teens, and that is whether or not the current teen driving age should be changed. Although there are multiple understandable reasons for why the current driving age should remain self same, the reality is it should be adapted. The legal driving age should be changed because it allows teens to master the ability to drive correctly and safely by having additional time to gain experience. In fact, it will let teens have more time to reach maturity and understand the responsibilities of driving. Teens are one of the groups of individuals that experience the most physical and psychological changes throughout…show more content…
“Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15 to 20 year olds” ( and it is possible that there will be a huge proliferation in teen car accidents and deaths if the legal driving age remains unchanged as adolescents will be inexperienced and immature. Teens will have an additional 2 years of extra driving practice giving them the opportunity to fully comprehend the art of driving accurately. Once teens know how to drive correctly, fatal car accidents will decrease. It is crucial that teens are informed about the risks of irresponsible driving so that terminal car accidents diminish. All things considered, I think the United States should change the legal driving age because it decreases fatal car accidents and other issues as well. In conclusion, changing the current driving age will give teens a chance to gain more experience, allow parents of teens to pay reasonable car insurance prices, and most importantly, reduce fatal teen
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