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The name TOLES stands for “Test of Legal English Skills”, which is a practical test provided particularly for lawyers and law students in order to check their ability to use Legal English. Starting in 2000 in response to demand from law firms and other employers of lawyers, TOLES has rapidly become popular and recognized all over the world for over 17 years.
The exams are offered at 3 levels. These are TOLES Foundation, TOLES Higher and TOLES Advanced. All of the exams focus on developing commercial awareness as well as accuracy and the development of a specialist commercial legal vocabulary. TOLES is not suitable for native English-speaker.
• Duration: 90 minutes
• Skills tested: reading and writing
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The major aim of this exam is to build on the knowledge and skills learners have acquired at Foundation level and take them on to the next level. Legal vocabulary acquired at Higher level is now tested in a series of very challenging tasks and learners are asked to deal with extracts from documents based on the types of examples suggested to us by leading law firms. Here are some following features:
• Based on the linguistic skills and knowledge of legal terminology obtained at the Foundation level
• Demands the competence to cope with more complex authentic legal documents and scenarios
• Focuses on grammar precision

The exam consists of two parts: one part which tests reading and writing and a part which tests listening. Reading and listening demands more active language use than on the foundation level. Listening involves listening to a conversation between two or more lawyers or a lawyer and a client and answering questions based on
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It was created and then developed in consultation with leading commercial law firms and is considered to be the gold standard of legal English achievement. Since its creation it has been trusted by legal employers everywhere as a measure of a lawyer’s commercial legal English skills rather than her or his academic legal English skills. As the score of TOLES Advanced is different from TOLES Foundation and Higher, there is a clear explanation for each score band:
• GREEN (0-100) This candidate may well have a good knowledge of general English but is assessed as having ONLY BASIC Legal

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