Legal Immigration Problem

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Legal Immigration, Problem or Not?
What does every country have and is wanted by countries while rejected by other? Immigration, it is known to everyone in the whole world, especially Americans. While some countries need it to fill jobs, other countries make laws and complex systems in order to prevent immigration because there is too much of it. The United States is an extremely diverse country when it comes to race and is the country that receives the most immigrants. But, are immigrants helping or hurting the United States? Though they seem to be quickly taking space and jobs, are they actually giving more than they are taking? The real question is: is immigration a problem for the United States. Now you need to clearly and concisely state
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For one, immigrants do not take jobs from natives, in fact, immigrants create more jobs than they take. “The Partnership for a New American Economy estimates that immigrants are nearly 50 percent more likely to start a business than native-born workers (” More than 40 percent of United States Fortune 500 companies are founded by or children of immigrants ( Businesses make jobs while also creating a source in which money can be generated into the economy and…show more content…
Politicians, natives to the United States, racists, they all say it is just as easy as kicking out everyone who does not belong and sending them back to their original country, but these people are legally Americans too. Most immigrants left their country in search for the American dream, a better life. Others have nothing to go back to, trying to get (further themselves) away from the violence and danger of their home land. Left as homeless as a stray dog. Just as natives would not be expected to just get (stand) up and leave everything behind, it is the same for the immigrants. They have worked hard to make a new home out of their new country, the United States and are now trying to be driven out of it by natives, just as they were attempted to be when their ancestors first came from Britain.
Looking back on everything, both the statistics and the current culture of the United States, nothing would be the same without immigration. Would the economy would be filled with jobs? Sure. But there would no longer be anyone to fill those spots. The culturally different food, the holidays brought from immigrants of other countries, the people. All these are of different origin, background, and country but all pieces of a puzzle that form the Unites States of America and without one piece, it just would not be the
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