Legal Issues In College Sports

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Another year, another season, brings upon another investigation. Which college program or coach will be under fire this year? Each and every year in the world of college sports, a collegiate program is investigated for violating NCAA policies. From things like academic fraud, and lawsuits to more serious crimes like the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State. Legal issues arise all the time in college athletics. When people think of laws and legal issues, the first thing to come to mind is law enforcement and courts, but in reality just about everything around us has a legal component to it, including college athletics. College athletics and academics are usually one of the biggest problems when it comes to dealing with the legal system of the…show more content…
Illegal activity might go unnoticed for quite some time, but it only takes one person to speak up or to leak some information for it to come out. Situations like this happen all the time in sports, which lead to investigations and usually punishments. On September 29, 2015, an NCAA investigation discovered that Southern Methodist University violated multiple NCAA rules in the past couple of years and committed academic fraud. Keith Frazier, a guard on the SMU basketball team and a key player was academically ineligible for the second half of SMU’s season. An attempt to raise his grades, a former assistant coach and an administrative assistant secretly met with Keith to complete his coursework. The NCAA opened up an investigation against the SMU basketball program following the end of last season, which centered on the assistant coach and administrative assistant. Investigators for the NCAA also came to the conclusion that Keith was encouraged by the academic assistant to lie to the NCAA’s enforcement staff when interviewed. Even though head coach Larry Brown was not directly involved with the academic fraud, he failed to report the misconduct performed by members of his coaching staff to the school and he misled the investigators. Sports writer, Ben Cohen, for The Wall Street Journal stated, “Southern Methodist’s men’s basketball team was…show more content…
Reading and collecting articles from The Wall Street Journal allowed me to see that there are legal issues involved with just about everything around us. The articles provided me with real life examples of how issues of legality play a role in our everyday lives, including college sports and academics. I will continue to read The Wall Street Journal to better educate myself with the day to day issues happening around me, in this country and around the

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