Legal Issues In Nursing

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Legal Issues within the Nursing Unit Dolly Singh West Coast University In the nursing setting, the client is a key aspect of the professional nursing endeavors. Despite the fact that nursing clients are imprisoned by their circumstances, this should not change how nurses undertake their professional activities or the way they perceive patients. This approach poses a technical concern or legal issues in the nursing unit. The legal issues within the nursing unit are the collective know-how regarding the average nursing care as well as sets of the least strategy for proficiency (Urden et al., 2017). Legal issues for nursing activities and their implications are bound to the public expectations, the scope of operation, licensure…show more content…
Legal issues reflect by feeding the nurse leader with the most valid information about in-service training (Gopee& Galloway, 2017). This will help in equipping nursing personnel with the desired knowledge hence minimizing litigation in the entire profession. Moreover, legal issues within the nursing unit help collaborative leaders in sharing information about the best nursing opportunities thereby establishing and effecting innovative approaches to conflict resolution. Legal issues in nursing help in idea generation. As such, each has a constitutional right to freedom of speech. In this way, collaborative leadership establishes team voice for the nursing staff. Collaborative nurse leaders are ready to accommodate ideas and suggestions from members. Further, they understand that varied perspectives and brainstorming can eventually cause identical…show more content…
These issues outlay measures which nurse leaders should follow in planning for the entire healthcare organization. In addition to this, legal concerns within the unit provide accurate guidance for nurse leaders on idea generation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, sharing information, performance and feedback evaluation and skills and attitude inspection in the health care system. References Gopee, N., & Galloway, J. (2017). Leadership and management in healthcare. Sage. Jansen, W. (2017). New business models for the knowledge economy. Routledge. Markle-Reid, M., Dykeman, C., Ploeg, J., Stradiotto, C. K., Andrews, A., Bonomo, S., ... & Salker, N. (2017). Collaborative leadership and the implementation of community-based fall prevention initiatives: a multiple case study of public health practice within community groups. BMC health services research, 17(1), 141. Urden, L. D., Stacy, K. M., & Lough, M. E. (2017). Critical Care Nursing-E-Book: Diagnosis and Management. Elsevier Health Sciences. Vaidya, N., Thota, A. B., Proia, K. K., Jamieson, S., Mercer, S. L., Elder, R. W., ... & Zaza, S. (2017). Practice-Based Evidence in Community Guide Systematic Reviews. American journal of public health, 107(3),

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