Legal Rules Regarding The Monitoring Of Employees In The Workplace Essay

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1. Describe and critically discuss the legal rules regarding the privacy of employees in the workplace. Technology enables greater monitoring of employees and other users in the workplace. The Data Protection Commissioner provides a guideline to organisations for monitoring the staff because organisations have an interest to protect their business and its resources. Organisation may monitors their employees and their activities like- use of emails, internet, and other organizational resources. However, the surveillance process collects the use or storage of information about employees or workers, and their videos or images which involves the processing of personal data and , as such, data protection law applies to such processing. (Data Protection Commissioner Guidelines- Monitoring of Staff). Legal Issues in Monitoring of Employees, There are several legal issues to be addressed with respect to data privacy that is- web usage, recording of telephone calls, employees may have smartphones which can…show more content…
Monitoring of employees allow and provides a financial profit in minuscule investment. For an instance, monitoring of an employee is necessary in order to confirm the certain and appropriate actions. Such actions would include criminal activity of the part of the worker insofar as it is necessary for the employer to defend his interest. While opening the employees e-mail, reason should be mentioned, for example- if employee is out of office due to some health problems or personal issues, in order to maintain the correspondence with client, employer may be liable to open the e-mails and respond to the clients instead of auto-generated messages but it can be clarified that this was necessary and there were no

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