Legalism School Of Thought Essay

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The Main Features of the Legalist School of Thought Legalism is a school of thought in classical Chinese whose main pillar is societal order. It holds that order in society is more important than any other human interest. Adherents of the doctrine believed that rulers should abandon the ideals of humanity and tradition to achieve a systematic government. They held that education and ethics teachings could not be used to improve people’s lives. Their vision of an ideal government was one that was established on a rigorously formulated law and an enforcing authority that would ensure absolute adherence to the law. This paper discusses the features that typically characterized Chinese Legalism. Perhaps, the main feature of Chinese Legalism and its distinguishing characteristic was strict social order. Social order was the identity of the movement.To them, social order meant that the society should exist in a narrowly-defined moral, legal, and social outlook. It explicitly specified permitted and prohibited actions plus their consequences. Thus, everyone in that society was expected to know how to act in every circumstance. Social order also meant that there were no exceptions to its implementation; everyone was subject to the same system of morality and punishment if they wronged. Another distinctive feature of the school of thought was its disregard for…show more content…
Thus, human beings cannot act morally naturally; they must be compelled. Since they held strict social order in high regard, individuals were not allowed to defy such order for any reason. Thus, they believed that people must be forced to act morally by being punished for beaching the law. Forcing people to act morally meant imposing strict prohibitions on personal

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