Essay On Legalization Of Drugs

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People can buy drugs from various channels, there are a lot of people who take drugs such as in nightclubs places. The harm of the drugs on people, but many people don't realize the harm. Drugs are completely banned in China. In some American states, some drugs are legalized. Many famous people are addicted to drugs, they are public figures, their behavior is widely attention, if they are taking drugs, this can cause a lot of adverse effects. Some people think education and imprisonment does not reduce the use of drugs, so they suggest the legalization of drugs. I don't agree with this view. Now there are many new drugs, the medicinal properties of these drugs may be lower than the previous drug, but still great harm to human body. More teenagers try drugs, for the development of society and human health, so drugs must be banned.…show more content…
The use of drugs is a moral defect or lack of willpower. These ideas shape the government. Policy on drug control. Breakthrough discoveries about the brain change our understanding of the dangers of using drugs. The use of drugs has disrupted our families, schools and communities, limiting young people's hopes and dreams. Illegal use of drugs and addiction occurs in young people, and contribute to crime, endangering national security. The Obama administration is committed to restoring U.S. anti drug work by coordinating all previous government wide public health and public safety approaches. The government aims to reduce the use of drugs. (National Drug Control Strategy 2015) And intervention treatment and rehabilitation. In prevention, we can do more to stop young people from taking drugs or use of alcohol. There is much evidence that preventive work is not well done. Exist in our school, our community and our home. Because of the most cost, prevention is become key. Effective methods for handling drugs and alcohol use. The country has achieved remarkable success in

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