Legalization Of Prostitution

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Prostitution is defined as a criminal act that includes the exchange of sexual acts, barter or trade in the hope of the gaining economic opportunity. The Act of Prostitution legislation includes sexual acts of stimulation, copulation and intercourse. The concept of “economic gain” which was used to define prostitution may vary within its classification seeing as “gain” in any sense regards personal conditions on a case-to-case basis. Whereas, prostitution activities in regards of securing services or products of an exchanging nature. Prostitution qualification is dependent on the commercial barter of sexual favor(s) for gain of different kinds reliant upon agreement with the provider of activity.
In accordance with the different definitions
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The proponent party of the legalization of prostitution may argue that in doing so, there would be a significant improvement in public health, reduced crime rate, increasing tax revenues, help in no longer having street prostitution, an institutionalization of mankind’s oldest profession and allowing consented adults to make individuals choices according to their own beliefs. They may summarize that prostitution in itself is a crime lacking in victims, especially when referring to the total of 11 Nevada counties when it is currently legal. However, the opposing party may counter-respond these ideas by stating that prostitution would actually increase victimization of homicide and rape, encourage human trafficking globally, and see a growth in the spread of AIDs, HIVs and other sexually transmitted disease. They may conclude their argument with the contention that prostitution is inherently commercial exploitation, morally and ethically unacceptable, empowering to the underworld of criminal activity and promotes patriarchy in men repressing women (seeing as statistics show that a greater percentage of female prostitutes…show more content…
In Holland, legalization has mean to the legal and social sanction of entire sex industry aspects, meaning legitimacy of sexual exploitation by buyers, the prostitutes and the pimps who are now considered third party businessmen. It also convert, sex theatres, massage parlors, sex clubs, brothels and any other prostitutions sites into legitimate venues of flourishing commercial acts of sex with limited legal constraints. People are often led to believe that legalizing prostitution makes it more professional and dignifying to the prostitutes, however the legalization does not change the act itself nor does it make the harm caused by it dignified. There is no morality in the predatory purchasing of people for sex as a business transaction. People in the sex industry report very high level of sexual violence, physical abuse and even verbal abuse of intimidation and threats. The women involved in prostitution will express how they experience great negative emotional and psychological consequences because they feel sexually violated and exposed. A UK study conducted this year showed that over 63% of street prostitutes had experienced violence and exactly two thirds of the women involved in any form of prostitution met the criteria for “post-traumatic stress disorder” showing just how emotionally and physically draining prostitution had been for

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