Legalize Prostitution

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After several counties legalized prostitution in Nevada starting in 1971, other states contemplated whether or not they should follow. Although there are many supporters of the idea, majority of the United States have not legalized prostitution due to the possible outbreak out STD 's or violent crime. Supporters of prostitution claim that the workers would be able to pursue their career in a safe environment with screenings, background checks, and prostitutes are more likely to report violent acts made against them. Advocates for prostitution also promote that by legalizing it, public health would be improved. Although prostitution has been illegal for many years, prostitutes and other supporters are now protesting to finally make it a career.…show more content…
Some women do not feel as though they have another option for a career path, so they choose prostitution. Although many people claim that condoning prostitution could mean that they are condoning the degradation of women, this is not true. These women are choosing to be prostitutes as their profession, and they want the same respect as other career paths. Supporters want prostitution to be legalized, as well as regulated by police to prevent human trafficking, monitored by physicians for STDs, and allowed to be reported for any violent crimes against women in that work force. By doing this, a new career for both men and women can become available while bettering the community, but also by increasing the tax revenue. Not only does the legalization of prostitution could lead to a work force that complies to the law and community, but also complies with women 's wants to express their sexuality. Feminists argue that legal prostitution can allow men and women to explore their inner desires. Ultimately, prostitution should be legalized throughout the United States due to its benefits of decreased violent crimes, safer working environments, improvement of public health, and increased tax…show more content…
It was reported in 2010 that 60,000 people were arrested for prostitution (Haltiwanger). Although the police and FBI can seize prostitution websites, they cannot stop prostitution all together. It was obvious from the amount of people arrested that year that prostitution would continue despite the police trying to stop it. The crime rate would increase from the amount of people who participate in prostitution, and it only continues as more people engage in it. Many women believe that prostitution is a way to express their sexuality, so if they choose this career path, then the law should condone it. With the legalization of prostitution, those 60,000 people would not have been arrested and the crime rate would not be so high. Since most people engage in prostitution regularly, and it is not harmful like alcohol or drug abuse, then prostitution should become legal and the crime rate would

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