Legalizing Cannabis Argumentative Essay

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Eight year old Addy Patrick is a child who suffers from severe seizures, and she was struck into a coma in May of 2013. Addy was prescribed medical cannabis two years later, and the doctors had seen a dramatic decrease in the hostility of her seizures. According to her mother, it was the first time Addy had smiled in a very long time. (Sides 1) Cannabis is a plant that is considered a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government and the DEA, but it has a long history of beneficial uses. Cannabis has been used medically since roughly 2000 BCE in China, but the United States government appears to be oblivious to the fact that it has beneficial purposes. Legalization can lead to many positive things in society. The United States legislature should legalize the use of cannabis, both medical and recreational, because it has proven to possesses many different beneficial effects. Legalization has proven to increase the tax revenue in a state, which that money can be given back into the school systems and other governmental duties. Cannabis has also proven to provide a variety of medicinal purposes, such as cancer treatment, various diseases, and improving a patient's quality of life. When dealing with cannabis use, there are many myths that create a patronizing stigma, such as being called a gateway drug. The fact that cannabis is illegal keeps many people in federal prison, and that is an expense the government has to pay for.
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