Legalizing Marijuana Argumentative Essay

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Marijuana has been declared a “Schedule I” drug, meaning that it is federally illegal to use, but it is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) for medical use. Marijuana is legal for medical use in so many places because it is very useful for relief. Marijuana can decrease chances of inflammation, therefore reduces pain. Nerve damage - or neuropathy - , which is commonly associated chemotherapy, often brings weakness and pain. Marijuana has been proved to provide relief from these pains. THC, which is found in marijuana, has been concluded to slow the growth of tumors in most cancer patients. On the other hand, marijuana can be harmful if smoked during chemotherapy. Marijuana should be inhaled or taken in alternative…show more content…
They also believe that the federal government should consider allowing them to study marijuana and its effects. When marijuana is inhaled by vaporizing or smoking it can result in an increase in appetite, which helps cut down on anorexia. Cannabis eases the muscles and help you relax, resulting in less muscle spasms and stiffness. Because it relaxes the brain and the muscles marijuana has been said to be a cure to insomnia as well. Some health care professionals believe that seizures associated with epilepsy could happen considerably less if marijuana was used as treatment more often. Marijuana, as most any other medicine, has side effects. Some of these effects of a low dosage are dry mouth or fatigue. For higher dosages dizziness, hallucinations, and paranoia are all side effects of using marijuana for medical purposes. I believe marijuana should be legal for medical purposes because the benefits far outweigh the possible down sides. If you’re worried about addiction there is very little chance for addiction if the health care professional explains risks and makes sure the patient understands. If there is one thing that can help with chemotherapy, it is
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