Legally Blonde Musical Analysis

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In this musical, which was held at Northern Lehigh High School, there were many types of tones throughout the performance. For example, two types of tones that were discussed in class were formal and informal. Although, many might suggest that these two types were the central part of this musical, I slightly disagree. To me, and I’m sure many others, the students created this very playful environment while they were acting and singing. In this case the most important or strongest type of tone in this musical would be playfulness. Which could help others become more involved if plays were more like this performance. Before seeing this musical, there were many moments that I was very skeptical. Never had I attended any, nor was I ever interested. For this reason, it had always been in the back of my mind, that all plays and musicals were dry, boring and pointless. Interestingly enough, that all changed as the performance was going on, and ended. The tone, playfulness, was the main reason I had enjoyed or at the very least, changed my view on these types of events. Kasey Wayda who was the lead actress in this musical was playing the part of Elle Woods. Kasey is very talented and knew how to keep the crowd alive and keep laughing. Whether it was…show more content…
Legally Blonde had countless conflicts that the main, and even other characters had to overcome. Mentioned before was about a break up, that was a major conflict, along with her getting accepted into Harvard but the school felt that her over glowing looks and what they had assumed and were correct about, was her personality, didn’t think they should let her in, but they accepted her anyways. Many students also had not taken her seriously in the beginning because they felt she was a typical blond, just looking for attention. Later, we see that she had to overcome that too, and won a case in school that the acting professor says everyone
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