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This book which attracts me as I enter on the study of legends of Britain heroes is one which gains excellent fame, since it is the most unique book in which we are apt to be close to the world of these who are undaunted, and, forevermore, retained in the river of history. These heroes vary from some aspects: background, family, birth, and experience, but they have one thing in common- bravery; what’s more, I also get some thoughts with which I may understand foreign culture easier. Then, my random thoughts are as followed.
 Bravery, intangible and indescribable, in the depth of our heart from which various feelings are produced, is the most powerful weapon, for it can defeat everything in the world. Taking Beowulf for an instance, when he
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The Emperor Maxen Wledig, Constantine’s father, governing Rome, built the worldwide Helena’s three castles for his wife; the roads connecting these castles in Wales and Rome are known as “Sarn Helen”, which is the symbol of an emperor’s love to a woman in his dream. And what makes the story more romantic is the heroine. The woman beloved by the Roman emperor, dwelt in a mysterious castle in Britain, which was surrounded by a silvery winding river and was far away from Rome. So, here comes the question- how did the two know each other? And the king’s dream is the best explanation. A dream made the king become lose his passion of live and have no joy and no peace, destroyed his normal life and influenced the operation of a nation. Then owing to the dream, the king spent a lot of energy and money on it to find the woman and he even didn’t know whether she was real or not. Fortunately, he found her and got married with her; this legendary story sounds so unrealistic but it does attract reader’s eyes. And we all know that’s the power of love story. By the way, some places of interests, where some romantic stories happened just like this one, will attract more tourists. Besides, similar as it is, there is another place-Kilchurn Castle that is also mentioned in this book-and it is built by a wise lady, Black Colin’s wife. Differing from the former, however, the story about the building is about a loyal lad, whose husband has left home to fight for a long time. Great was her grief when she has got to rule her lord’s clan alone and kept the silent waiting, long waiting, the waiting for her beloved husband’s returning. The day came at last when her husband returned and saved her from the second marriage, and

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