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After being delayed for two years, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released a few months ago and the anticipation it got was astronomical. The game trailers promised major changes to the decades old action-adventure series in Breath of the Wild. As of now, the game has received positive reviews from a lot of game journalists/critics. But is the game deserving of the hype and praise it got? To answer that question, the game will be evaluated on two criteria: “Do these major changes in gameplay mechanics from the usual Zelda formula pay off?” and “Is the game immersive enough with its new content to surpass its predecessors?”
First, the changes made in this game in terms of gameplay mechanics are all welcome changes to this entry
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One thing that the game utilizes well is its weather system. While changing weather is not exactly new to to the franchise, how it is used here makes it feel very realistic. Whenever it rains, the player has a more difficult time climbing surfaces. Hot and cold weather both damage the player over time if they have not equipped the right gear. While there is a thunderstorm, whoever is holding a metallic weapon/shield or wearing metallic armor, whether it be the player or enemy, will be struck by lightning, making the world feel more alive than previously. Also, while exploring the world, the player can hunt animals, set grass on fire, and cook food, adding a degree of realism. The animals in the game feel very alive in the way they act, while foraging for materials and meat to cook adds in a feeling of a survival type of gameplay. The last thing that makes this game immersive is the landscape of the game. While travelling, whether it be through paragliding or on foot, there is always a beautiful view of the mountains, trees, lakes, and many other things occurring in nature. The best part is that these are not just simple views; these views are reachable and that is what makes the game truly immersive and fun. Truly, all these changes to the game's world help itself feel more organic.
All in all, Breath of the Wild manages to revolutionize its gameplay mechanics and at the same time, invite players for a truly immersive experience. All the changes from the previous games are different enough that it stands out in the series and at the same time, retains the identity of it being recognizable as a Zelda game. The game is by no means perfect but it definitely deserved every praise it got. It truly is a masterpiece and a breath of fresh

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