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Legend, by Marie Lu, is a book about a Day, the most wanted criminal in the area and June, the greatest spy prodigy at just 15 years old. Throughout the book, these two face adversity and the struggle for the two are quite stress-bearing. When a major incident occurs, all the fingers point to Day for the cause of the incident. Day faces a tough uphill battle to claim innocence while June hunts him down. The two don’t even realize what they had gotten themselves into with a few key decisions that play a tremendous role in the following events each respectable being had made. Betrayal, love, family, and decisions have major aspects to the novel and create big impacts. Main Course: Communicate: Quote 5 passages of good description or good dialogue and explain them. (1) In this situation, Day is dressing himself in the bathroom secretly so that he could break and steal medicine from the hospital for his family. It reads, “The lights in Batalla Hall are cold and fluorescent. I dress in a bathroom on the observation and analysis floor. I’m wearing long black sleeves inside a striped black vest, slender black…show more content…
Not at how descriptive it was, but the importance of this quote. It reads, “What happens next is a blur. I see Metias tense up to fire his gun. I throw my knife at him with all my strength. Before he can fire, my knife hits him hard in the shoulder and he falls backward with a thud” (Lu 33). This was a huge decision made by Day. If Day hadn’t made this risky decision, he could’ve lived a normal life and not become what he did become. He would’ve never met June, his mom wouldn’t have had to get shot, his brother John wouldn’t have had to serve his death penalty instead of him, Eden might not have gotten the plague, and Metias might’ve escaped Thomas and come out alive. That was ultimately the biggest decision that impacted the rest of the story and events that followed subsequently
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