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Legend, by Marie Lu, is a book about a Day, the most wanted criminal in the area and June, the greatest spy prodigy at just 15 years old. Throughout the book, these two face adversity and the struggle for the two are quite stress-bearing. When a major incident occurs, all the fingers point to Day for the cause of the incident. Day faces a tough uphill battle to claim innocence while June hunts him down. The two don’t even realize what they had gotten themselves into with a few key decisions that play a tremendous role in the following events each respectable being had made. Betrayal, love, family, and decisions have major aspects to the novel and create big impacts. Main Course: Communicate: Quote 5 passages of good description or good dialogue…show more content…
June describes Thomas as written, “When I open the door, Thomas coughs nervously at the surprised look on my face and pretends to smile. (There is a streak of black grease on his forehead, probably from his own index finger. Which means he just finished polishing his rifle earlier in the evening, and his patrol’s inspection is tomorrow)” (Lu 36). This would serve as huge evidence and a good example of foreshadowing in this book. Later in the book, as June tries to dig deeper by looking at pictures to find out who actually killed her brother, she takes a look at her brother’s photos and his body, it reads, “These black marks look like rifle grease. Almost like the streak of grease that was on Thomas’ forehead when I first saw him that night” (Lu 226). In the previous text, the reader probably would’ve thought that that specific detail was just very minor, but in fact, that served as huge evidence, as addressed later in the novel. While they are good examples of foreshadowing, I think the rifle grease also is a good example of symbolization. Thomas had been lying the whole time about the death of Metias and I think the black rifle grease symbolizes his dirty lie. Personally, when I think of something such as black rifle grease, I don’t think of happy thoughts, but I think of evil/impure types of
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