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Legends is a series of mythological novels by the author Anthony Horowitz. Howrowitz is renowned for writing some of the best children’s thrillers and fantasy fiction novels alongside authors such as Mark A. Copper and Enid Blyton. The first novel in the series was Battles and Quest that the author first published in 2010.

The Legends series of novel is a combination of bite sized legends and myths from around the world that the author retells in a captivating and thrilling new voice. He writes of the underworld, of monstrous beats and fearless heroes and of Greek and Roman legends such as the multiple headed Hydra and the snake haired Medusa among many others. Coming with black and white graphics, the series brings to life the legends and
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Anthony Horowitz does a good job as he flawlessly entertains, entices, and surprises the reader writing in his magical language that sends the reader back to their childhood. He retells the stories that continue to awe the most adult of us and stand the test of time. He tells of the Ugly Wife of Sir Gawain of the Round Table, the Incas’ story of the Sun, Romulus and Remus, the Bell of Peking, and the Minotaur.

With his use of conversational language, Horowitz is adept at sharing some of the most mundane of facts like one sharing a secret that makes for some intriguing storytelling. Similarly, he tears down the nonsensical, and wackier legends that are plain farfetched that will leave the reader guffawing, giggling, and snickering with him.

The first novel Battles and Quests is definitely one of the best books in the Legends series of novels. The series of stories were written by a 28-year-old Horowitz, and initially published as a single title, before they were broken down and published as different stories in a collection. The novels offer some of the most interesting of legends and myths with timeless classics such as Romulus and Remus and the Minotaur among the classics excellently retold. Battles and Quest is one novel you would definitely want to start
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Horowitz takes the readers along on a journey in search of famed monsters such as The Gorgon’s Head, The Washer at the Ford, The Dragon and Saint George, The Incredible Spotted Egg, and The Riddle of the Sphinx. Just like with his other novels, the author employs the tongue in cheek narrative technique to make for an easy and fun read. The novel would be perfect for your teenagers needing something to read on their holiday or even some adults needing some welcome distraction from the more serious type of books. The author even goes as far as providing a list of monster at the end of the book for any reader that may not have had the chance to read about them as a child or one that needs a

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