Legislative Branch Of Government Essay

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Unlike the Articles of Confederation, the new Constitution had Separation of Powers between the three forms of government in America. They are separated into three branches: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. These three branches of government all have a role in American politics. The legislative branch of government consists of two houses. The two houses that are in the Legislative branch are the Senate and the House of Representatives. Together they form Congress. The role of the Legislative branch is to make laws for the nation. In order to become a part of one of these Houses, a member of the House of Representative or Senator must be elected by the people in their state. In article 1 section 2, it states that members of the House…show more content…
The House of Representatives have the power of impeachment according to Article 1 Section 2. In Article 1 Section 3, the Senate also have the power to impeach, but they decide the results of the impeachment. As a whole, the congress has many military, economic, and political powers and in Article 1 Section 8, it lists all the power congress has including declaring war, economic laws such as bankruptcy, borrowing money from other countries (loans), and collecting taxes. The sole purpose of the Legislative branch is to make laws for the nation. In Article 1 Section 7, it describes how laws are made. When a desired law wants to be made, it is first drafted as a bill. These bills must be passed by the Senate and the House of Representatives and when that occurs, it is then sent to the President where he can pass or veto that bill. When the bill is passed, it becomes a law. If the President vetoes the bill, it will be sent back to Congress in which at this point they can overturn the veto, but two thirds of congress must approve. The powers the Legislative branch gives can be seen as both Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian. It is Hamiltonian because the congress has the power to tax and is involved with the Economy. It is Jeffersonian because the powers are balanced between the two Houses. The Executive branch of government includes the President and Vice President. Congress role in government is to make the bills, the Executive Branch passes and enforces those bills which are now laws. In Article 2 Section
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