Legistration Act Essay

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Debates have risen over the arrival of the new legislative bill that requires every super-powered individual to reveal their identity and register with the government. Supporters believe it is necessary for this bill to be enforced, as it will allow the super-humans to fight responsibly and put civilians at ease. Critics of the bill argue that it violates the privacy and freedom of the super-humans. Seeing that both arguments are valid, the Super-Human Registration Act (SHRA) should be implemented in such a way that it secures the safety of civilians by governing the super-humans and their powers, while also ensuring privacy for themselves and their loved ones. After the incident in Stamford, Connecticut, which resulted in the loss of over…show more content…
The idea of having to unmask would be a problem for many super-humans who wish to go about their day and live a normal life, just like everybody else. Once the public finds out about their secret identity, they may begin to get treated differently. For instance, after Spider-Man revealed his identity at the press conference, a mob of people swarmed around him as he was leaving the site and called him “Spider-freak.” One man even got as far as to attempting to hit him while yelling, “We know who you are now, you freak! Go back under the web you crawled out from!” Moreover, with the proposal of this new bill, super-powered individuals would have to be on guard at all times. They would have to keep an eye out on villains who may attack their family and friends. With this in mind, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) decided to hide MJ and Aunt May out in a disreputable motel, intending to protect them from harm. To his utter dismay, an unnamed villain has taken advantage of his revelation and sniped his beloved aunt. This just goes to show that the SHRA has failed to comply with the privacy of the super-humans, especially when it comes to keeping their loved ones
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