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The Legit Boss seems to be having some legit heat with some big players in WWE.

Sasha Banks is just 26 years old and already has nearly six years under her belt at belt with the company. Banks has already become a four-time Raw Women’s Champion, but she has also already made several enemies with some very big names in WWE. Between all the heat she has had on her over the years, one thing is common between them all: Sasha instigated it and is quite a legit b**** at times.

In the beginning stages of her time in NXT, Banks was a very promising star in the making. She held the NXT Women’s Championship and lost it in the Match of the Year against Bayley. She also competed in the first women’s 30 minute Iron “Woman” match that was also highly praised. The self-proclaimed “Boss” worked her up to being one of the “Four Horsewomen”, the four women who were going to revolutionize the wrestling industry for all females. That was true until her ego started to get her in own way.

During her stint in NXT, she had a feud with then-NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte over the title. The feud was played out so well that it won Feud of the Year. The
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She became a cornerstone piece in NXT and debuted on SmackDown. She ended up being drafted to Raw and on her first day as a member of the red brand, she defeated Charlotte for the Raw Women’s Championship. She would go on to solidify herself as a new breed of women in WWE, with the help of Charlotte shockingly. The two of them would battle for the belt for nearly six months, with the title changing between their hands six times. Banks main evented the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, the first for women, in a Hell in a Cell match, also a first for women. She also competed in a Falls Count Anywhere and a 30-minute Last Man standing match during her feud with Charlotte. After all was said and done, Banks was quickly becoming a new face of the company. Enter Alexa
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