Lego Advertisement Analysis

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Introduction This advertisement was part of a print campaign “Creativity Forgives Everything” created by a french advertising agency for LEGO; the title of this advert is “Fridge” and it was released in February 2014. LEGO is an internationally-known toy manufacturing company that addresses a range of cultural target groups, but more specifically for a western audience. Owing to this, the text of the advertisement is in English. From the language choice and words chosen for the advert’s slogan, it can be inferred that it was targeted at a more educated audience belonging to or above the middle-class.
 The advertisement depicts two well-dressed brothers, the eldest carrying the youngest on his shoulders, caught playing in the kitchen with an igloo they built out of lego inside the freezer;…show more content…
The colour themes of the kitchen (: white, blue, brown and yellow) are the same as the colours of lego igloo set and the children’s clothing; personally, it signifies the cold, antarctic theme of the lego set. The kitchen tools featured in the advertisement, the bowls and colander, are both round-shaped and white, like an igloo; this also contributes to the antarctic theme. Another possible reason why cold soft colours dominate the advertisement is to make LEGO’s logo and ad slogan, that are in bold colours black and red, situated at a corner stand out.

The expressions of both brothers are indexes for ‘getting caught in the act’. It can be assumed that the eldest is staring up at a parental figure (such as a parent or a nanny) standing at the kitchen doorway. The boy’s open mouth and raised eyebrows indicate that the person has discovered them; an indexical sign we cannot see. Meanwhile the youngest gazes at our direction as if to say ‘Uh Oh, we've been caught’ to us, the readers. The way the brothers are positioned, eldest carrying the youngest, indicates that they
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