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Brand History The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. The company has passed from father to son and is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandchild of the founder. At 1935, the business manufactures its first LEGO wooden duck and markets “Kirk´s Sandgame” its first construction toy. At 1939, the lego factory has only 10 employees. Then at 1949, The company produces around 200 different plastic and wooden toys, including Automatic Binding Bricks. After that at 1968, the LEGOLAND bilund opens its gates on 7th June and attracts 625,000 visitors in its first season, 3000 on the opening day. And LEGO product now sold in 42 countries. In1980’s, more and more factories and products open and developed. At 2009, the LEGO Group…show more content…
LEGO have develop many play based educational programs and educate workshop for children. It provide some insight for children like how to think out of the box. Fifthly, caring is about the desire to make a positive difference of children, for our partners, colleagues and the world LEGO considering their perspective in everything we do. LEGO products are safety for children. TOP Competitors for LEGO The following companies are three main competitors of LEGO. 1. MATTLE. INC 2. HASBRO. INC 3. MEGA Brand. INC Position of LEGO LEGO wants to invest and expand in Canada, Australia, Brazil. Also, explore opportunities in India, China and Japan. Pricing of LEGO On average, one Lego piece costs 10.4 cents. Brand personality In terms of brand personality, the human-like characteristics that define how the brand behaves – ‘my LEGO friend’. Just as human personalities affect relationships between people, the LEGO brand personality can be the basis of a relationship between our consumers and the LEGO brand. Therefore, ensure that the LEGO brand personality is expressed in all brand communication Brand Component Brand…show more content…
They have fun time playing with these LEGO blocks. Children can use their creativity to build whatever they wanted by using these LEGO blocks. Apparently, it is full of joy and playful. From the perceptive of parent, LEGO act as a tool that helps the relationship between parent and children come closer. Apart from that, LEGO is educational. For example, 5-6 years old child can learn number, letters, objects though LEGO. Just like a play based learning, learning meanwhile children are playing. Brand experience I started to play LEGO blocks since I was 6 years old. I got it from my parent as a birthday gift. I used to play with my cousins, we built Eiffel Tower and Pisa Tower anything we wanted. With our creativity, we built lots of innovative stuff. Meanwhile, I think LEGO helps to assess my abilities such as communication skills, creativity and patience. I realized in order to build an extraordinary things, I need to think out of the box, think different. I knew everything have foundation, to pursue the expected result, I need to be patience and determine, I need to make effort with our own hand but not take everything for granted. When I am playing LEGO blocks, I seldom follow the required steps on the instruction. I develop my own steps because sometimes I don’t think these guidelines are the most effective way to achieve. Similar to education, sometimes the best

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