Lego: Corporate Social Responsibility

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“Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow” Corporate social responsibility is defined as refering to business practices involving initiatives that benefit society. “All children have the right to fun, creative and engaging play experiences. Play is essential because when children play, they learn. As a provider of play experiences, we must ensure that our behaviour and actions are responsible towards all children and towards our stakeholders, society and the environment.” (Lego) Lego inspires young minds to develop and grow, but do so much more than that. This company focuses on the well being of their consumers and that is an ambition. Lego company makes a positive impact promise to consumers that they care about consumers and not just…show more content…
Lego works to reduce CO2 by improving energy efficiency, and investing in an offshore wind farm to produce renewable energy to balance global energy use.They aspire to have a clean environment for the children of the next generation. Lega also works to make Lego products that are made from renewable and alternatives to the original oil based products. The environment is a big factor in developing toys and other products, without a proper environment the next generation will not prosper as Lego company wishes it. From a young age children are playing with Legos and growing to love them. Lego inspire children to become builders, engineers, and even entrepreneurs. If the environment is not prospering neither can the people. Lego works to ensure the environment isn 't being destroyed by their products that so many children grew up with. Lego company is a widespread company that kids all over the world play with. Children look up to this company as a role model of what they can be, if this company doesn 't care about the environment or the consumers futures then that company is socially responsible. Year after year generations pass down the love for Legos thus inspiring new generations, if the company doesn 't want a good future for their consumers that company is only a profit machine. Not only does Lego work for the children, but they work for their own…show more content…
Lego works to raise the bar for good conduct in the business industry and with their workers. Lego has integrity and well known respect that companies aspire to have. Lego works to have high ethical standards in making just decisions with their suppliers. Lego will only buy and sell products that are true and fair, they will not sell things for more or buy for less for their own benefit. Employee rights are not made last priority, workers are ensured a high standard of employee rights and safe working conditions. Without these workers the company will not make profit. Employees are the working class that makes the company prosper, if workers are unhappy so will the consumers. Unhappy workers equal bad products and a bad name. People should want to work with Lego and want to be part of the team. Not only is the employee rights in America fair and safe, Lego works towards safe working conditions for their suppliers. Lego doesn 't want to be receiving products from illegal or unsafe working conditions. Without proper working conditions a company is unsafe and not honest with the public. Lego’s word is their bond and they are know for their integrity; they strive to keep

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