LEGO Discourse Analysis Essay

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In this discourse analysis essay I will be critically analysing the above advert for LEGO by paying close attention to the purpose, structure, audience and linguistic features of the advertisement. I will begin by looking at the purpose of the advert (why it was created), structure (how the adverts body copy is set out) and audience (the target market) before I move on to unpacking the linguistic features.

This advertisement was published around the late 90’s and its main purpose is to advertise LEGO. To catch people’s attention, so that people would look at the advert, the designers used bright, bold and primary colours in addition the background of the advert is also plain as not to distract the reader from the LEGO or the child (which take up a large portion of the page).Another major factor in the appeal of the advert is that the child looks happy and content playing with the LEGO which perks the readers interest as they now want to identify why. All these elements along with the bold heading draw the reader to the advert and thus the purpose is complete: to advertise.
If we take a close look at the body copy of this advert we see that it’s split in three paragraphs. The first paragraph draws
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It allows the reader to connect with the advert and makes it personal as most people desire for their children to excel in life. The text also uses the pronoun “his” which leads us to believe that this advert is aimed more at boys than girls; looking at the era that the advert was published this makes sense as during that time boys were encouraged to do more educationally as they were entitled to more career options than woman, men were more like to become builders and architects than woman were and that is possibly why the pronoun “his” is
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