Gender Inequality In Lego

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Lego have a new creation. Lego create a new characters and breaking stereotypical gender roles. Lego is a bearded in a suit with a funky dad and “working mum” in a business suit outline “progressive gender roles”. Legendary toy manufacturers hope that the new line character enlighten children, swept away the stereotypes and social norms of different roles. In the desire to introduce a signal assembling toys that it can better reflect the breadth of the changing society, promote inclusive communities and representatives of families have a more realistic idea of what can be. Apparently, create a "househusband" and "working mother" is not a bad thing. Now will using Functionalism, Liberal Feminism and Stereotypes to apply in this news - Lego breaking…show more content…
Functionalism look at society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote unity and stability. This approach focuses on the social and macro-level by the direction substantially shape society focuses on the social structure as a whole. The theory that gender inequality as an effective way to create a division of labor, or as a social system in which a particular segment of the population is clearly responsible for certain acts of labor and another segment is clearly responsible for the behavior of other workers present. Functional Perspective think society as a complex system whose parts work together to promote unity and stability. Traditional functionalism shows that males and females have different functions in pre-industrial and contemporary societies. In their gender analysis, structural functionalism began; these men tend to be stronger than women to observe the body bigger. These differences lead to different physical appearance of gender roles. Since women bear and nurse children, it makes sense that they stay at home and in their rear. If women in the home to take care of the…show more content…
In most societies, gender roles divided by male and female behavior. Certain types of conduct classified as male or female. Gender stereotypes, school help reproduce the concept contains. For example, girls should be caring, nurturing, quiet, helpful, and considerate of others. Academic achievement of girls is their hard work and success of boys is considered gifted. In contrast, it is not optimistic about the male students are considered lazy, underachieving girls are regarded as incapable. The boy is seen as rational, logical, unemotional, powerful, and is also expected to step down, smart, natural academic talent .Thus, gender role stereotypes attribute the success of men 's innate intelligence and academic achievement girls’ hard work. But the new role of Lego changed the traditional gender stereotypes. The Men work outside while women work within the house; change it into women work outside while men work within the house. Male characteristics: extroverted, powerful, careless, it can change to stay home to care for their children. Female characteristics: introverted, weak, gentle, change can go out to work as a

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