Lego Group Strategic Management Strategy

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A strategy is a group of action taken by the mangers in order to increase the performance of their companies relative to competitors (Charles W. L. Hill, Gareth R. Jones, 2005). Strategic management composed of the analysis, actions and decision taken by the company in order to maintain competitive advantage.
This report is brief overview the key characteristics of strategicmanagement used by LEGO Group. The report also briefly discusses the strategic opportunity and threat of LEGO Group. Also it discusses about LEGO resource using the VRIN framework and ANSOFF Matrix. In the end giving recommendations to LEGO Group how it can overcome the increasing challengesand ensure a success in the future.
LEGO Group background:
The LEGO Group is one of the most renowned companies in the world it involved towards children’s toys and has been developed since 1932. The LEGO Group was owned by the Kirk Christiansen family and headquartered for the company located in Billund, Denmark.A master carpenter and joiner, Kirk Christiansen opened a carpentry shop with his 12 years son Godtfred. They made ironing boards, step ladders and letter expanded to make wooden toys, and in 1934 named their business LEGO, a conjunction of the Danish words (Leg Godt) which means (play well). The company focuses on essential element in growth, development of children’s creativity through learning and playing by pooling LEGO bricks. At present, the LEGO Group provides its products in over than 130 countries

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