Lego Simulation In Supply Chain Management

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Introduction Numerous organizations are integrating the information technology into their supply chain management operations. In the present world, customers have become progressively demanding by setting their anticipations high for the quality of the product or the service. Also the supply chain management has realized that the advanced technology could serve the consumers with better answerability and liability. This visibility makes them maintain a tight control over the customers and stand ahead of the competitors. Information technology has extensively helped to balance the organizations production on track, repairing mistake and making reforms that provides a top quality product. Every link in the supply chain management has been supervised accurately through the information…show more content…
Computerized shipping, online tracking and electronic invoicing, hi-tech shopping are the central constituents of an advanced supply chain management which are intended for the customer satisfaction. The ease of the wireless communication which created mobility and flexibility enabled the supply chain managers to maintain the operations at every link in the chain irrespective of their physical location. Lego Simulation The quality of the game material offered and the facilitator’s instructions were easy to follow the game. The key files are the facilitator’s guide, slides, building instructions and the team instructions. The game was played with four teams who work at different stations with three members in each team. The first and the second team sorted out the Lego bricks into different sizes, keeping the colors separated. The third team sorted the bricks

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