Lego Swot Analysis Essay

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Introduction Lego - one of the best-selling construction toys in the world. Producing one project of Lego toys takes years of design and development, tons of plastics about 1000 Injection Molding Machines which work 24 hours, painting machines, packaging lines, over 100 robots, sorting machines and massive global distribution system. It all begins with simple interlocking bricks and rise to global toy empire – Lego. (Geographic, Jan 18, 2012) Background Lego which stands for two Danish words “leg godt” which means “play well” was founded by Ole Kirk Kristiansen carpentry in 1932. After his death company passed to son Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. Still toys mostly produced in the same small town where Lego was born – in Billund, Denmark. (Mortensen, …show more content…

The Strengths could be to lead the market of toys while weakness might be the lack of a new product while Opportunities could be the launch of new project and Threats could be force of competitors. The aim of SWOT analysis for the company is have an eye on overall business environment in order to use new opportunities faster than competitors. So following figure represents SWOT analysis for Lego: Figure 13: SWOT Analysis To conclude SWOT analysis: Strengths: Through the years Lego has reached international prestige, does a vital green policy and being family owned company is their one of the strength that my lead to good shape for future. Weaknesses: To overcome weaknesses Lego should develop media products. Moreover produce goods for girls and inspire them to play and buy Lego toys and change centralized strategy to decentralize. Opportunities: Asia is considered as a continent of big dimensions, so Lego has great opportunities to take advantage from Asian market. Moreover Lego can have a benefit from low price sensitiveness and internet

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