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Leib Lejzon (known now as Leon Leyson) and most of his family survived the Holocaust; they probably would not have survived without Oskar Schindeler. Oskar Schindeler was a Nazi but he had a sense in humanity. Oskar Schindeler saved the family from certain death multiple times. The Lejzon family was a Jewish family that lived in Krakow. After some time passed in Krakow the family was sent to the ghetto built in their town. While in the ghetto Oskar tried to save Tsalig when he got put onto a train but he didn’t want to leave his girlfriend .A while passed in the ghetto the family was sent to the Plaztów labor camp in Poland. While at the Plaztów labor camp Mr. and Mrs. Lejzon along with Leib and David worked at the new Emalia glass Factory,…show more content…
David, Leib, and Mr. Lejzon were supposed to be sent back to Plaztów, while Mrs. Lejzon was supposed to stay at the Emalia factory and finish cleaning up. Oskar Schindeler planned to relocate the factory to a town in Czechoslovakia. Right before Leib, David, and Mr. Lejzon were being sent back to Plaztów Oskar Schindeler saved them and they went on the train to the new Emalia factory in Czechoslovakia. Oskar Schindeler got Pesza so her and Mrs. Lejzon went on the train to the new factory. There were two trains so one was for men and the other was for women. The women’s train accidentally went to Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. Oskar Schindeler found out and he went from Czechoslovakia to Poland to get the women and to save Mrs. Lejzon and Pesza.
On many occasions Oskar Schindeler saved most of the Lejzon family from certain death by giving them jobs, food, heat, and many more things to keep them alive and together. Oskar Schindeler was a true hero to many more families along with the Lejzon’s. Without Oskar Schindeler the Lejzon family would most likely not have survived the Holocaust. Even though Oskar Schindeler was a Nazi he had a sense in humanity and he gave a family a chance to survive and while doing that he proved himself to be a true
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