Lemkin Descried Genocide

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When many hear the term genocide, they tend to think it was something that happened in the past. This crime doesn’t exist anymore, no one has that much power in this day in age to cause such an evil act. However, that is not the case. Genocide, which can be descried as violence towards a group of individuals grouped together by race, ethnicity or religion, with the intent to eliminate the whole group. As evil as this sounds many have actually been able to go through with this action and succeeded. This crime is given a special category due to the extent of the crime, its goal is to eliminate a whole group of people. Not just a handful of people, but thousands which affects a nation as a whole. Since many of international crimes deal with war…show more content…
This crime is a plan to destroy, “separates it from other crimes of humanity such as ethnic cleansing, which aims at forcibly expelling a group from a geographic area (by killing, forced deportation and other methods” (History). As Lemkin descried genocide, he stated that it has two phases. The first phase is the “destruction of the national pattern of the oppressed group, the other, the imposition of the national pattern of the oppressor” (Ficthelberg, 139.) This crime to me could be potentially seen as almost a business plan. The introduction of the plan, which is to destroy a group of people. The goal is to eliminate the entire group. Then would follow marketing, Hitler marketed to German soldiers promising an exciting new opportunity. He also marketed to German civilians with signs, parades, and propaganda. The last step would be to go through with their goal and actually commit mass murder. The profit that the Nazis wanted was to just have Germans, no other races. Many have been able to go through with this plan and kill…show more content…
No one is safe from it, it targets children, women, elderly, and the innocent. A crime that starts with an intent to kill and possibly wipe out every one of a certain race, ethnicity or religion. This crime is so terrible that it is given its own category different from other international crimes. Many have been able to succeed with their plans to eliminate a group, since the biblical times until today genocide is still going on. I am not sure if this crime will ever come to end. Certain individuals are always looking to become stronger, more powerful, and for ways to scare, as did Hitler and Bashir. These individuals do not care for the law as long as they get the goal they intended for one on can really come in their way. Just as Bashir has proven, even though he has a warrant for his arrest, crimes like genocide are still taking place in
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