Lemonade Mouth Book Analysis

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Reading Response Book: Lemonade Mouth Genre: Chapter Book Text: Literary I am about a quarter of a way through a book called “Lemonade Mouth” which is written by Mark Peter Hughes and was published in 2007. The book is about five kids who formed a band to overcome their struggles in high school. I myself have never been to high school and this book gives me a little idea on what high school could be like. So far in the book I have been using the reading comprehension strategy of summarizing. I am using this strategy because it helps me understand the plot of the story better because when I stop reading the book and I start summarizing I can remember the most important parts of the story and it makes it easier to write a summary. “Lemonade…show more content…
Text to World connections helps me become a better reader because I can imagine how the teens would feel in certain situations. An example would be when Stella the main character was told that she and her family were going to have to move from Arizona to Rhode Island I knew how it felt because I had to move from city to city a lot. I moved from Thompson, MB to Markham, ON and I was really scared because I wasn’t sure if I would make new friends. Stella was also afraid about if she would make friends or not. She was really angry at her parents which shows that moving can be hard. I was kind of ready because I have moved a lot. Making Text to World connections can also show that some events in the book can be linked to things happening in the real world. Another example of this would be when the five main characters transitioned from elementary school to high school and had to make new friends. Stella felt very angry for having to start high school in a different city where she had no friends. This situation is sometimes very hard for some kids but we would have to learn how to overcome this. I have an older cousin who was finishing grade 8 and she was telling me how she was scared to go to high school. I told her to just relax and keep calm. She came back after her first day and told me it went
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