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LEMONADE Only $4.99 18 Exclusive products inside and more! Birthday Edition, AUGUST 2017 | ISSUE 60 Who are we? Lemonade is a cosmetics brand born in Los Angeles, California, founded with a mission to start a cruelty-free beauty movement by creating 100% natural cosmetic products. Founded in 2007, here at Lemonade, we are dedicated to being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly because we strongly believe that beauty should be fun, easy and inclusive without the expense of innocent lives. Why go cruelty-free? According to Cruelty Free International, over 115 million animals worldwide are being used for animal testing. The animals used in experiments are not only confined to extremely tiny cages and subjected to unimaginable inhumane conditions,…show more content…
Our nude matte lipsticks that is designed to suit fair, medium and dark skin types smooths easily across your lips without having to reapply. Our matte lipsticks are infused with a double butter complex of shea and coconut butter with jojoba oil. This formula gives your lips one thing : smooth, balm-like moisture - no creases, no dryness. Warm nude tones gives you plump, kissable lips. Your lips stay soft and hydrated even after 12 hours, thanks to Vitamin E oil. We designed a shade of nude for each skin colour, which is Birthday Suit for fair skin, Paaarty for medium skin and Chocolate Cake for dark…show more content…
This natural matte bronzer of Lemonade has a gorgeous color that it blends in well which makes it unique where it blends in well with all types of skin tone and will never look orange. It always helps accenting your cheekbones for a sexy defined look. How to use it The secret to a flawless glow is to master the skills of applying it and not just getting a great bronzer. There are several methods to use bronzer, but the one of the best methods to apply our Lemonade bronzer to get the best results is by using fluffy brush which is big and if there’s excess product tap it off at the edge of the container before applying it to face. It is best to apply it to your temples and followed by your cheekbones. When you’re done use the remainder on your chin and nose. The last step is the most important, never forget to blend in around your ears and downwards along your neck. What did our customers say Having the perfect quantity of shimmer makes this bronzer stand out. Its also easy to apply and leaves a soft and supple skin as it works as a moisturize as well. Apart from that I don’t have to be afraid of turning orange and cover my blemishes smoothly. – Tanya,
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