Len Musgrove Case Summary

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Len Musgrove first began his law practice with a traditional IT setup. He thought this was his only option. However, the hassle of buying hardware with maintenance and continual upgrades left him feeling perplexed. He became all-ear when an IT company suggested the Cloud to him. After explaining the cost savings, convenience, accessibility and functionality of the Cloud, it became one of the easiest decisions he ever made. Len now enjoys up-to-date software without the need to buy an upgrade software every time something new hits the market. In addition, he loves that he can use the services to grow with his law firm. During the process, Len shared that he also enjoyed the Cloud-based software known as Quickbooks because it saved his firm a lot of time and money. It also simplified the process of billing clients in an accurate and timely manner. Len Musgrove did not take this decision lightly, however. They take care of everyone 's dirty laundry, and they need to protect sensitive information on ethical and professional level.…show more content…
First, it led to significant savings upfront. The servers cost an average of $35,000 to $45,000. Moving to the Cloud led to greater efficiency, and they didn 't have to worry about maintaining equipment. Want to learn more? Call PC Miracles of Detroit

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