Lena Younger Character Analysis

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Lena Younger is the mother of Walter and Beneatha. She was the wife of her deceased husband, Walter Younger Sir. She’s a hard working black woman, but it seems to me she’s having a hard time finding her identity. She hides her feeling through her family. She never shows any emotions around her family. She make sure that everyone else is ok, than herself. She is an very strong woman that tries to play happy around people. Lena Younger receives a check from her husband’s life insurance. You can tell that She’s depressed about her husband’s death. She got to do things big walter used to do now. She’s having a hard time doing things herself. She doesn’t know how to feel. Walter and Beneatha giving her a hard time with their attitudes…show more content…
“Karl Linder seems like a nice enough dude at first”. “Unfortunately, Lindner’s committee doesn’t plan to welcome the younger at all”. Karl tries to pay them not to move there. “Karl homeowners have gotten enough money together to buy the house that she bought for more that what she paid for it.” They’re doing everything that’s possible to keep the black families out their neighborhood. Lena Younger does things for her family, just for them to see that she’s really trying. Lena being the kind of woman she is, she gave walter the $6,500 that was left from the remaining of the life insurance for his liquor store. Lena puts all her faith in her children to keep them happy and satisfied. Yea, she doesn’t like the fact of the liquor store, but that is walter dream. She want them to fulfill their dreams. Beneatha wants to be a doctor, so walter have to give her some of the money also, so that she can follow her dream. As we can see, Lena plays a big part in this story. She’s the mother, father, and grandma. She’s the head of the house. She try to keep her family together and keep them happy. She suffering without big walter. She hiding her feelings. She just trying to be a successful, black, independent
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